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Let me share something with you. The other day I awoke upset. I had to ask myself “Rosalie why are you so upset?” I mean what can you possible be mad about at 6am.

I started to unconsciously make excuses for myself. Well maybe it’s PMS or maybe is because someone said this last night but I knew it was bullshit.

I had to go deeper and what I discovered was that I was angry at myself for not giving 100% in my business the night before.

I had cheated myself.

I told myself that the work I did was enough.

but deep down inside me I knew that I could have given more.

I could have recorded one more audio, wrote one more post, sent my blog.

I settled and someone inside was not letting me off the hook.

She won’t be lied to or tricked without making it known.

She knows my worth and my full capacity and I guess we all have that higher self inside that begs us to trust and do the work all in.

That deeper knowing that if you go that extra mile, sacrifice a little, do it afraid it will all work in your favor.

In this moment….

I am grateful for my breakthrough.

I am grateful that from a soul level I can be called out on my shit.

I am grateful that my excuses are no longer valid and honestly all of my excuses are all crap to hid from what I know I could be doing.

I leave you with this, always ask yourself the question that you need the answer to. This is my magic pill to breaking through anything even a bad mood at 6am.

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