Sometimes you leave the man you love

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Sometimes you leave the man you love

and it hurts
and you feel like you’re about to lose your soul
and you don’t know how life can ever be right

and you cry
and life sucks so much

but you do it anyways

because there is that little voice, feeling, stir in your soul that urges you to leave

you know that you deserve more
you know that you will survive
you know that there is a higher plan for your life

you know that you can no longer invest anymore time without any investment

because you are so freaking worth it

So you wake up and each day seems like you will get through it

and you do

because you wasn’t born needing this motherfucker

and soon you realize that you can energetically, physically and emotionally let go

and you become more you with more life experience

you gain your strength and of course you do

you breakthrough, you focus on you, and that first day comes where you don’t even miss him

and one day becomes two

and you can see God’s plan for you

and it feels so good to let go.

PS. I know you are a strong woman and letting go sometimes is the only option and it hurts I know. You will pull through and thrive. <3

Go check out it the Freebies┬ámy release past lover meditation. I don’t promise that you will wake up tomorrow and not feel anything but it will help you find peace. It has helped me in wonderful way.

XX Cheers to your breakthrough

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