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Sounds kind of funny when we talk about things already within us as if they are lost

Find your purpose
Find your voice
Find out what you really want

Huh, does that in logical terms even make sense?

I guess in our time it does since we are not condition to make our inner self that important. No one encourages you to speak up, or to find your purpose before your graduation or ask of you to only do what you really want in life.

We are told at least I was and still are being told by friends and family to do what makes me money, to not speak up because I am too blunt and la la la.

This brings up tons of situation where I felt that someone was actually telling me to not speak up and all of the freaking times I have listen.

Silly me.

I remember times when my friends had to give warnings to people before meeting me about my bluntness. *eyeroll*

I have been asked to lower my voice because I was speaking too loud.

And as much as I have this I don’t give a flying fuck attitude it bothered me.

But I cured myself and now I am back.

And yea I have this Sagittarius bluntness about me but I’m not rude (most times) but I pride myself in being honest and not having time for ridiculous conversations in my life.

This is a high vibe babe zone only! Negativity is too much of an expensive hobby and I am not willing to buy.

And yea I get a little loud but is because I am freaking excited about what I am talking about. A little excitement is not going to hurt anyone. Plus I have tons of awesome things to say so really they should be listening up. Ha!

The truth is that by me holding back my voice and trying to sound or appeal more “constraint” I was holding myself back.

I didn’t need to find my voice like I don’t need to find anything within me because nothing is lost. Is all there and all you have to do is allow and give it permission to express itself.

I have always been honest and blunt it makes me me!

I have always stand up for what I believe and spoke up!

I get loud when I am excited.

I don’t hold onto things I need to say. I just say them.

So my voice and how I choose to show up now in my business it has always been me.

So again, there is nothing to find. The way you are and the way you speak is the right way.

If you hold back or try to appeal to a group you will be holding back your business.

And that judgemental bitch within you will always remind you that you’re selling out.

So do yourself and this world a favor and just be you.

xx Cheers to your breakthrough



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